Wendy Williams Health Updates

Wendy Williams Health Updates

You’ve likely followed the ups and downs of Wendy Williams’ career, but have you kept up with her health updates? From her 2018 Graves disease diagnosis to her struggles with cocaine addiction, Williams has faced quite a few health challenges. She’s been open about her journey, even addressing the shocking on-air faint incident in 2017. These health challenges have sparked a broader conversation about self-care and the importance of regular medical check-ups. Curious about her current health status? Let’s continue exploring the resilience and courage of Wendy Williams.

The Onset: Williams’ Early Health Struggles

Wendy Williams has dealt with numerous health issues over the years. In 2018, she publicly announced her diagnosis with Graves disease, a condition known to cause hyperthyroidism and subsequent health problems. This diagnosis complicated her existing health situation.

Williams has previously been open about her past struggles with cocaine addiction, which resulted in her residing in a sober house. Moreover, in 2018, she suffered a shoulder fracture that necessitated medical intervention.

In 2019, she disclosed that she’d been diagnosed with lymphedema, a condition causing swelling in the limbs and feet. Despite facing numerous health issues and the ongoing public scrutiny, Williams has displayed resilience.

Her ability to maintain her sense of humor throughout these challenges has been appreciated by many who are dealing with similar health conditions.

The Shocking On-Air Faint

In October 2017, television host Wendy Williams experienced a fainting episode on live TV while wearing a Statue of Liberty costume. This unexpected incident caused viewers and fans to express concern for her health.

The occurrence led to numerous questions surrounding Williams’ health status and possible underlying conditions. Williams recovered from the incident promptly and assured her audience that it wasn’t a pre-planned event.

Her swift recovery and professional demeanor provided some comfort, but didn’t entirely alleviate the health worries that had been sparked. The incident did, however, lead to increased attention and concern towards Williams’ wellbeing.

Confronting Graves Disease

After an unexpected on-air fainting episode, Wendy Williams was diagnosed with Graves disease in 2018, a condition that increased the production of her thyroid hormones. This development resulted in a serious case of hyperthyroidism, which manifested in symptoms such as an elevated heart rate and weight loss.

Wendy Williams’ failure to attend her medical appointments contributed to the exacerbation of her health issues. This oversight made the management of her Graves disease more challenging. She later acknowledged the importance of regular consultations with an endocrinologist in effectively controlling her Graves disease. Despite the health obstacles, Williams remains committed to her health, making regular appointments an essential part of her routine.

The Battle With Addiction

Managing her physical health was a significant challenge for Wendy, who also had to confront the issues of addiction. Wendy Williams has openly acknowledged her struggles with cocaine and crack cocaine, a substance use disorder that necessitated her stay in a sober house in 2019.

Her dedication to recovery was as publicly known as her addiction, being openly discussed on her show and in candid interviews. Wendy’s documentary provides an in-depth examination of her past alcohol use and the negative impact on her cognitive functions.

Family members have also contributed to the narrative of Wendy’s struggles, portraying a woman who’s faced many hardships and continues to persevere. Her journey serves as a clear indication of the destructive nature of addiction, and the bravery required to overcome it.

The Shoulder Fracture Incident

In December 2018, Wendy Williams faced additional health problems when she fractured her shoulder, leading to her absence from several episodes of her show. Despite this, she remained committed to her audience.

The shoulder fracture Wendy experienced was distressing, but she returned to the show with her arm in a sling, ensuring minimal disruption to the show’s schedule.

Despite the necessary absences, Wendy’s determination was evident as she continued to engage her audience consistently.

She openly discussed her experience, demonstrating her resilience in challenging times.

This incident, while contributing to her health issues, didn’t dissuade Wendy Williams. Instead, it highlighted her resilience, reinforcing her reputation as a dedicated entertainer.

Living With Lymphedema

In 2019, television personality Wendy Williams publicized her experience with lymphedema, a chronic condition that results in an abnormal accumulation of fluid, causing swelling in certain parts of the body, primarily the limbs and feet. This condition is related to the lymphatic system and can result in discomfort due to fluid buildup.

Despite the inherent challenges, Williams has managed her condition effectively. She’s made necessary adjustments to her lifestyle to help control the symptoms of the disease, ensuring it doesn’t pose a severe threat to her health. As a prominent figure in the media, Williams has leveraged her influence to increase awareness about lymphedema.

On several occasions, she’s openly displayed the physical manifestations of her condition, such as her swollen feet, providing a firsthand account of the realities of living with lymphedema. Through her open discussion about her experiences with the condition, Williams has contributed to the broader understanding of this often overlooked disease.

Dementia and Aphasia Diagnosis

In 2023, Wendy Williams was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia, both serious health conditions that notably impair communication, behavior, and language abilities.

Frontotemporal dementia, a condition that Williams is currently managing, is characterized by the atrophy of the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, resulting in alterations to cognitive functions and behavior.

Aphasia, another health condition that Williams has been diagnosed with, is a progressive disorder that affects speech, reading, writing, and comprehension capabilities, thereby making communication difficult.

Prior to her diagnosis, signs of cognitive impairment were noticeable in Williams’ behavior and interactions.

The diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia and aphasia in Wendy Williams highlights the intricate nature of cognitive health problems, which are often underestimated or misinterpreted.

Current Health Status and Care

Let’s now examine the current state of Williams’ health and the healthcare she’s receiving. Williams, diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, took a hiatus from her show in 2021. She’s currently receiving cognitive treatment at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York to address the changes in her communication and behavior caused by these conditions.

Despite her health complications, Williams has maintained her sense of humor and is able to handle many of her daily tasks independently. A guardianship was established in 2022 to safeguard her from any potential financial exploitation.

In the midst of her treatment and care, she’s received considerable support from The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration and her followers, aiding her through this difficult time.


You’ve walked with Wendy Williams through her health journey, from her on-air faint to her battles with Graves disease, addiction, and lymphedema.

The road hasn’t been easy, but her resilience shines. Her experience is a stark reminder to prioritize self-care and seek medical help when needed.

Remember, it’s okay to lean on others and take care of yourself, just as Wendy continues to do.