Gocap - Smart pen cap & app offer people with diabetes an easy way to see insulin records and to share real-time dosing data with healthcare professionals & caregivers. System records & transmits dose and temperature data, provides alerts, and allows for the input of glucose and carb data.

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Keep an insulin care logbook without doing anything different.

Gocap logs your insulin doses automatically, so you don’t have to record every dose by hand. It’s a convenient way to keep a log, without changing anything about the way you use your insulin.

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Cut down on the hassle.

Gocap lets you share your logbook with your doctor, caregiver, family, and friends. When they can see your logbook in real time, you’ll be able to make decisions that better fit your needs together.

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Have peace of mind with the Gocap app.

The perfect companion to the Gocap—you’ll always know whether you’ve taken your medication with the logbook. The app even allows you to share your logbook with your doctor to help them understand your needs better.

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