Innovation Health: All You Need To Know

Innovation Health: All You Need To Know

You’ve likely heard about Innovation Health, but what do you truly know about it? This health plan offers a broad network of providers, covers essential services, and even provides perks like preventive care at no extra cost. It’s not just about having coverage, though. It’s about personalized care that meets your individual needs, with the added convenience of easy management tools. But here’s the kicker: there’s more to Innovation Health than meets the eye. So, why not stick around and explore how it could potentially revolutionize your healthcare experience?

Understanding Innovation Health Plans

Innovation Health Plans are programs tailored to individual needs, offering a broad network of healthcare providers and coverage for essential benefits. These health plans aim to provide coordinated care, giving you access to a wide range of doctors, specialists, hospitals, and care centers.

This program also includes coverage for 10 essential health benefits, including prescription drugs and mental health services. Additionally, these plans cover preventive care at no additional cost, which can be beneficial for routine check-ups and screenings.

Another feature of these plans is the availability of virtual care, enabling you to consult with healthcare professionals remotely. Overall, Innovation Health Plan is designed to provide personalized healthcare solutions.

Benefits of Innovation Health Services

Innovation Health Services provides comprehensive health plans that come with certain benefits. One notable benefit includes a quarterly allowance of $25, which can be used to purchase CVS Health brand wellness products. This allowance allows for the purchase of over-the-counter products like pain relief medications, allergy medicines, and cold remedies, among others.

These products can be obtained either online or directly from CVS retail stores. In addition, Innovation Health offers an annual allowance of $100 for selected CVS Health brand products. This is designed to promote regular health maintenance.

It’s important to note that any unused portion of the allowance doesn’t carry over to the next quarter, so it should ideally be used within the stipulated timeframe.

Essential Features of ACA Plans

ACA plans are designed to cover 10 essential benefits, among them are prescription drugs and mental health services.

Preventive care is covered at no additional cost under these plans, which allows for the early identification of potential health issues.

Virtual care is also a component of these plans, enabling access to healthcare from home.

If immediate care is required, there are no costs incurred at in-network walk-in clinics.

A member website and mobile app are available for managing the plan, providing easy access to plan features at any time and from any location.

ACA plans work with reputable local providers to ensure high-quality care.

Additionally, generic prescriptions typically have a copay of $5 or less, making medication more affordable.

Navigating the Innovation Health Network

The Innovation Health Network provides a broad range of care providers, including doctors, specialists, hospitals, and care centers. In-person and virtual consultations are available to meet diverse patient needs. This network comprises qualified professionals dedicated to providing healthcare services.

There are wellness services available at different locations for preventative care. Additionally, pharmacy coverage is included, offering low copays for generic prescriptions to help manage healthcare costs. The network is designed to ensure access to local providers, aiming to improve health outcomes.

Managing Your Innovation Health Plan

Once your binder payment has been processed, you’ll be issued a member ID card via mail. This card grants you access to a variety of online resources either through the website or mobile application, thus allowing you to manage your Innovation Health Plan effectively. The card offers several management services designed to assist members in achieving improved health outcomes.

  1. Deductible Status: You can conveniently check your deductible status through the website or mobile application.

  2. Premium Payments: Premium payments can be made through various methods such as phone, online, at CVS Pharmacy stores, or via mail.

  3. MinuteClinic Visits: These visits are included in your coverage with minimal or no additional cost.

  4. Out-of-network Services: Generally, these services aren’t covered unless they pertain to emergency coverage or unexpected bills.

Staying updated with this information will assist in effective plan management.


So, you’ve got the scoop on Innovation Health. They’re all about tailor-made health plans, free preventive care, and easy access to healthcare providers.

With ACA plans, a broad network, and handy tools for managing your coverage, they’ve got your healthcare needs covered.

It’s a plan that promotes regular health maintenance and gives you the convenience you need. Seems like Innovation Health might just be the right fit for you.