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Gocap Accuracy

The Gocap screen displays the insulin value that it measures from the insulin pen.

The values displayed in the app are as accurate as the ones displayed on the Gocap. Gocap is accurate within +/- 1 unit for doses up to 10 units, and +/- 10% of the dose for doses above 10 units, but occasionally there will be outlying data points.

Some possible causes of outliers are:

  • A fast-acting pen is put into a long-acting Gocap (or vice versa)
  • The insulin pen is dirty
  • The insulin pen is expired

Keep in mind the doses that Gocap records are only as accurate as each step in the dosing procedure such as the injection technique, the insulin pen, and the use of the Gocap itself.

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SPEC-206 v1

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