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Getting a Gocap Replacement

Common Sensing, Inc. (the “Company”) hereby warrants that its product with which this One Year Limited Warranty (this “Warranty”) is included (the “Product”) will operate as intended and free of material defects for a period of one (1) year from its date of original sale. The sole remedy under this warranty shall be a refund of the product’s purchase price, or repair, or replacement of the product, in any event at company’s sole and absolute discretion.

1. Is the Gocap is damaged? Check the list below.

  • Unable to record doses- Gocap is showing dashes on the display when using the correct pen insertion technique.
  • Liquids- Gocap has been submerged in a large volume of liquid.
  • Cracks- Internal parts are visible and/or unable to read display, insulin pen fits loosely inside Gocap.
  • Outworn- Insulin pen fits loosely inside Gocap.
  • High/ low-temperature exposure- for long periods of time.
  • Does not turn on- after replacement of USB and charging block and change of outlets.
  • Broken USB port- unable to charge or USB fits loosely inside the port.

2. Is the Gocap behaving in an unusual manner? Check the list below.

  • The display is not responsive to pen insertion or removal
  • Erratic blinking from indicator lights and/or display
  • Delayed responses
  • Battery drains quickly

3. Is the Gocap version outdated?

New versions are released when changes have been made to improve quality. Additional information from Gocap Support will be needed for confirmation.


4. Is the Gocap worn out?

The Gocap is able to measure insulin pen volumes up to 2000 times and store up to 2000 dose amount and time entries.

If you experiencing any of the listed factors or want additional information, contact Gocap Support (855) 310-3377 or email to request a post-paid envelope.
SPEC-219 v1
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