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Does Gocap work with all insulin pens?

Gocap is compatible with SoloSTAR Lantus and SoloSTAR Apidra.

How often does Gocap need to be charged?

Approximately once every 7 days. It is okay to leave it plugged in all the time. If the screen on the Gocap is completely blank the battery is drained and Gocap should be recharged. It takes about 3 hours of being plugged in to fully charge.

Do I need to keep the cap that came with my insulin pen?

No, you can throw your old cap away. Gocap replaces the cap that came with the insulin pen.

Can I use one Gocap to track both my Fast-Acting and Long-acting insulin?

No, Gocap should stay on the insulin pen between doses and should not be switched across different types of insulin. You need one Gocap per type of insulin you are taking.

Do I have to plug the Gocap into my phone?

No. The Gocap communicates with the phone by Bluetooth so you never need to physically connect it to the phone. The phone’s Bluetooth does need to be turned on (enabled) for it to receive data from Gocap.

Can I carry Gocap with me?

Yes. Gocap will hold a charge for up to seven days and is designed to stay on your insulin pen all of the time. Gocap can go with you wherever you take your insulin.

Which way should I rotate the insulin pen inside the Gocap?

After the insulin pen has been inserted completely into the Gocap, it can be rotated either direction until it clicks into

Do I prime the insulin pen, put it back into the Gocap, and then take my dose?

It is not necessary to track primed insulin separate from injected insulin.

Can I store the Gocap in the fridge?

Once insulin has been opened, it can and should be stored at room temperature for the next twenty-eight days. Thus, there is no reason to store Gocap in the fridge.

Do I need to change the needle every time I dose?

Each needle use reduces the sharpness of the needle, which increases how hard it is to inject the insulin. Replacing the needle each time assures that injection is more comfortable.

Does the needle need to be on or off the insulin pen before putting it in Gocap?

You should do whatever you are accustomed to doing with needles. Gocap can accommodate either situation (needle on or needle off). Insulin pen manufacturer’s instructions are for users to remove the needle after every insulin injection.


Why isn’t my Gocap App showing the information from my Gocap?

Answer 1: (devices out of distance range) Sometimes the Gocap is or has been physically too far away from the phone for the Bluetooth to transfer the insulin dose information collected by the devices. Try moving the devices within 5 meters to the phone and with the Gocap App open, manually sync the devices by connecting the Gocap(s) to the charger.

Answer 2: (devices out of sync or not added) Sometimes the devices stop being “paired” to the phone (they are out of sync) so their Bluetooth connection needs to be refreshed. To check if the Gocap is out of sync, open the Gocap App and on the Devices screen. Any out of sync devices will display “Not synced!” as well as a button that says ‘sync now’ that you can press to sync to re-establish the connection. If a device is not listed on the Devices screen, add it by pressing the ‘add a device’ button and following the steps.


What is an unread dose? How do I stop getting them?

Unread doses occur when the Gocap cannot read your dose amount. They often occur if the insulin pen was not inserted correctly into the Gocap.

To put your pen in Gocap, treat it like a car key: push in then turn until it clicks, stopping at the click. After you’ve inserted your insulin pen into Gocap, look on the Gocap screen and there should be numbers (indicating approximately how much insulin is left in the insulin pen). If there are dashes, the dose was unread.

To remedy this, remove the pen from Gocap, wait 7 seconds, insert the pen into Gocap and watch to see the numbers on the Gocap screen.

What are the numbers on the Gocap screen?

The numbers indicate approximately how many units of insulin are left in the insulin pen.  You should not use this number to determine your dose.

What are the check marks on the Gocap screen?

The check marks indicate doses taken. They are present as a way of helping people remember if they have taken a dose recently. The check marks remove themselves after 10 hours.

What is the lifespan of a Gocap?

A Gocap reaches its maximum usage after logging 2000 doses.


Will Gocap increase the insulin pen’s temperature?

The Gocap will not increase the inserted insulin pen’s temperature by more than 7° Celsius from the heat generated by the Gocap.


SPEC-208 v1

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