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Improve interventions and manage risk for injectable medicine.

Gocap is the most advanced insulin support tool on the market.

Patients don’t need to use an insulin pump to be connected anymore. Gocap records the type, time, and amount of insulin doses, and transmits it wirelessly to members of the healthcare team in real time.

Gocap is easy to implement in a clinical setting.

Diabetes management demands are substantial and can significantly burden patients. Gocap can save time for both patient and clinician by eliminating self-reported information.

High acceptability of the Gocap technology was revealed in a 20 person observational study conducted at Umass Memorial Medical Center.



Clinicians can now easily distinguish between patients who need adherence support and patients who need titration.

In clinical studies at two leading academic centers, Gocap data revealed that 100% of participants deviated from their prescription during a 30-day period. Gocap makes having this knowledge possible by replacing the often unreliable method of manual dose tracking with an automatic logbook.

Gocap brings immediate visibility to patient needs and behaviors that can’t be distinguished by A1C alone.

In the diagrams above, each dot is the result of a bolus insulin dose logged by Gocap: the x-position of the dot is the blood glucose at the time of injection, and the y-position is the blood glucose reading three hours later. The highlighted green zone is the target blood-glucose range.



Breaking new ground in data-driven care

Patients and providers use Gocap for medication reminders, decision making, education, risk identification, and triggering engagement points based on dose adherence data.

Having visibility to Gocap data can help prevent high-risk behavior, reduce injectable medicine misuse, and helps to improve health care provider and patient decisions.

In the following graph, each point represents a patient. The x-axis represents what percent of the logged doses were according to the patient’s bolus prescription, and the y-axis shows how often the logged bolus doses moved the patient into their target blood glucose range three hours post-bolus. As made visible in this graph, some highly adherent patients never had successful bolus doses. Other patients frequently deviated from their prescriptions and had high rates of success.



Gocap gives the opportunity to make decisions that better fit clinician’s patient population needs.

Using Gocap brought clarity to hidden gaps in adherence to insulin dosing and timing, demonstrating that nonadherence with insulin injections is common in both younger and older patient populations.


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Gocap is easy to use and valuable for disease management.

Clinicians can now use Gocap to make medication therapy management safer, more efficient, and more effective than ever.

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