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Gocap is simple and easy to use.

Gocap lets you take control over your diabetes management.

Logging insulin doses

Recording your insulin dose with Gocap is easy: just insert your insulin pen into the Gocap and twist until it clicks into place. That’s it!

Gocap talks to your phone wirelessly with Bluetooth. It tracks the dose amount, dose time, temperature, and type of insulin.

You keep Gocap on your insulin pen like any other cap, until the next time you dose.

Gocap makes it easier than ever to bring your log with you to the doctor’s office and ensure that the care you receive is based on your current health needs.

Share with your doctor or family member in real time

The Gocap App for smartphones makes it easy for a Gocap user to share data with a doctor, diabetes care team, family members, or accountability partner. 

When you add their email to your Sharing List, they will be able to see your diabetes care logbook in real time.

Record everything in one convenient place

The Gocap App makes it easier to manage your diabetes, with smart notifications and reminders about your insulin. It knows the difference between your long-acting and fast-acting insulins, and can remind you to take the correct one at the right time.