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Shed light on hidden patterns
with Gocap.

Patented hardware & software toolkit.

Gocap tracks real-time, daily adherence to insulin injections and makes the information available to members of the healthcare team.

Patients don’t need to use an insulin pump to be connected anymore. Gocap generates the data stream necessary to make connected diabetes healthcare possible with insulin pens—without changing anything in the patient’s existing dosing behavior.


Gocap Dash is the clinician-tested tool for visualizing and understanding insulin pen-injector use.

The Gocap Dash delivers actionable summaries to clinicians, pharmacists, and educators.



Gocap smartphone app engages the patient.

The Gocap app tracks adherence, can set a dose schedule and send the user messages about missed or abnormal doses, and lets a user share their data with clinicians, family members, or accountability partners. Gocap empowers patients by making their diabetes data transparent to themselves and others, allowing their care team to tailor their support accordingly.